Fabulous Consignment Items at The RealReal

Fashion an design is an ever evolving high demand industry. Not only is it evolving, but also one that repeats itself. Designers have been sharing their creative pieces with the world for decades, but when the season is over, designers are already forward thinking to the next season. While designers are forward thinking ahead, consumers are trying to snag pieces at an affordable cost. The world of consignment has changed the fashion game allowing for gently used pieces to be recycled and reused as if they were hot off the runway. Luxury consignment has really taken off as consumers have found that purchasing gently used high end items is the way to go. Why pay full price for an item when you can get it at a discounted price? Makes perfect sense to me.

The RealReal is a luxury consignment business who celebrates artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. The company works hard to ensure all items which they receive for consignment are 100% authentic. Authenticity is extremely important when doing consignment business. They have a dedicated team that is trained to analyze items to determine the authenticity down to the stitching and color swatches. Their experts in what they do to sustain their business.

As social media has become a top promoter for brands and businesses, The RealReal is no stranger to fabulous posts showing the extended life cycle of luxury items. Their Instagram page is filled with fabulous items from shoes, purses, watches, jewelry, accessories, clothing and more. Their items are paired with beautiful models who really give the pieces life. Depending on your style, you can find timeless vintage pieces or newer pieces which are still in season.

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