Steve Richie : Can Papa John’s Be Saved?

CEO Steve Richie and Papa John’s have announced that more work needs to be done in order to earn back the trust of their customers. However, in a recent conference call, Steve Richie was optimistic about the progress they have made in the past quarter showing customer opinion going back towards a neutral position.

Steve Richie was appointed CEO of the company back in January of this year when the company decided to form a better relationship with both their employees and customers. Although Steve Richie is a relatively new face to customers, he has in fact been with the company for years. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s began working for the company in 1994 as a customer service rep. , soon after Steve would own and operate his own Papa John’s franchise which quickly caught the attention of higher management that saw his hard work and success. Before being appointed as CEO, Steve Richie held the title of President of the company.

It didn’t take long after his appointment to begin the long journey to repair the companies image, writing a handwritten apology letter to customers and working with experts to bridge the gap between employees and higher management. The company, however, did lose over 16% of their expected revenue with a 10% decrease in national stores. In order to combat not only the loss in sales but of trust, Steve Richie began a restructuring of its management division, in fact, Steve Richie added more position dedicated to employee relations. Steve said in the conference call that he is confident that this new restructuring will help rebuild and improve the companies revenue and image. According to Steve Richie, the problems are very much real and still present within the company, however, his progress reports show that the company is slowly but surely bouncing back.


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