A Look Inside the OSI Group Plant of Processing McDonald’s Hamburgers

The first company McDonald’s fast-food restaurant selected to process its hamburger patties is OSI Group, LLC. The franchise promises there are no preservatives in the hamburgers and fries. To validate the truth about its processing, Business Insider looked inside the plant in Germany. This happened after the release of a statement about the meat content by McDonald’s. The news reporter observed the factory beginning at the reception area to the last machine used to package and store meat.

As soon as Business Insider entered the OSI Group Plant, the aroma of beef is in the air. The reporter had to wear protective clothing and wash the hands thoroughly before going into the processing department. A metal detector inspects large pieces of meat from the slaughterhouse for foreign objects to reduce contamination from bacteria. After the first inspection, the meat goes into containers that weights up to 1,110 pounds. The workers use forklift trucks to collect the filled containers and take to a blender machine for grinding and mincing.

The meat then goes to another machine to shape into hamburger patties. The reporter described the machines as extremely cold with ice formation and water vapor in the condenses. Next, inspectors test a selective amount of hamburgers to ensure the standards of OSI Group, Europe, and Germany are met. The hamburger patties goes to the lab’s kitchen to test texture, taste, and structure. Then, it’s frozen, packaged in plastic bags, boxed, and stacked by another machine for wrapping plastic. To know more about the company click here.

Next door is the distribution center where the hamburger patties are ready for delivery to McDonald’s. Business Insider is a witness in Germany that the processed meat is authentic without the use of preservatives. OSI Group is a leader in the meat processing industry providing quality products for other establishments, including Papa John’s, Burger King, Yum, and Starbucks. Formerly known as Otto & Sons, the company started as a small market in Chicago, IL. Forbes lists the company as number 58 of private companies with over $6 billion in international sales, making it a leader in the industry.


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