EOS Becomes a Fixture In the Lip Balm Industry

Lip balms have been on the grocery lists of families and individuals for decades. It’s pretty common to go to a supermarket or drugstore and pick up a bottle of Chapstick. The lip balms almost seemed like medicine, especially since the active ingredient was listed on the package. To make the lip balm seem less medicinal, customers could opt for flavored Chapstick in mint or cherry.

Chapstick continued to be one of the leaders in lip balm until about seven years ago, which cylinder-shaped balms from EOS (Evolution of Smooth) were introduced to the public. EOS made its debut at Walgreens, and superstores Target and Walmart started featuring EOS after seeing the demand for the product. Popular beauty and style publications like Cosmo and Allure also featured EOS in the magazines, and were obsessed with lip balm flavors from the line like grapefruit and honeydew. EOS lip balm has also become more well-known because celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyus have been seen using lip balm from the brand.

Until now, EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) founders have been quiet about their success tactics. During an interview with Fast Company, they revealed how they created such as a lucrative company (EOS is currently worth about $250 million). Kline, a research and consulting firm, states that EOS is now the second best-selling brand of lip balm in the United States, after Burt’s Bees. Kline also asserts that EOS has significantly promoted the growth of the oral care industry. Evolution of Smooth sells about 1 million units on a weekly basis, and brand’s future looks pretty promising as well. Globally, the lip care industry is set to increase by $2 billion by the year 2020, especially since people are started to demand organic products, which EOS specializes in.