A Review of Oncotarget: Why Is It So Popular?

How is the medical journal Oncotarget different from other publications, and why do people find it so useful?

My opinion is that Oncotarget is an excellent source for new and cutting edge scientific articles. This journal is peer-reviewed, and is published weekly. The thing that makes it stand out, in my mind, is that the online content is accessible to everyone, even if you are not a paid subscriber. This is a very valuabel resource for students, healthcare providers, and the public. The journal provides scientific articles that are related to oncology. I found it very impressive that for each article, the Oncotarget platform provides a pdf document that I could easily download. I also value the fact that each article is peer-reviewed by other members of the scientific community. We live in the information age, and though free online content is great, it may not be trustworthy. Because of the peer-review process, I know that this journal’s materials are trustworthy and academically valid.

The Oncotarget journal was founded in 2010, and since then it has enjoyed success and positive feedback. The Oncotarget staff responded to the increasing popularity of the journal by saying that they think it is because of “insightful, constructive, punctual, multiple peer-review”, and went on to say that this process is “helping our authors to increase the impact of their research”. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

The weekly publications focus on cancer treatment options and protocols. Studies related to therapeutic agents and the ways that patients respond to them. This information is very useful for patients who are fighting cancer and are looking for information which will help them make decisions about their care plans. I feel that this is another asset of Oncotarget. Because it is accessible to the public, patients can read and become informed instead of relying solely on their health care providers for information.

Research articles published by Oncotarget include papers that discuss patient viewpoints on the quality of life that they experience throughout cancer treatment programs. Articles also discuss patient satisfaction with different drug protocols. In these articles, scientists provide evidence for the reader about how drug therapies affect the cancer diagnoses, and answer questions such as “what is the outcome of this treatment program?” and “how did the patient report that the treatment program affected them?”  Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.