The Wen Cleansing Conditioner Results are Exciting

If you are ready to combat the damage that shampoo has caused your hair it is time to consider using the Cleansing Conditioner by Wen. This phenomenal product provides fast results, leaving hair new and improved and looking its best. Add the lovely Sweet Almond Mint smell, and you have a product that will never disappoint.

Sharing Experiences the Wen Way

The Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is a popular product thousands of users have enjoyed. One user shares a day-by-day account of her hair after using the Cleansing Conditioner. She exposes the Cleansing Conditioner for what it is, and that is a easy-to-use product that provides ample results. She highlights thicker, softer hair from day one, and bouncier, shinier, sleeker hair after a few days of use. While she shares her experience with the Cleansing Conditioner for only 7 days, she promises the product worthwhile and one that she plans to use again in the future. She was satisfied with her locks and the Cleansing Conditioner results.

Should You use Wen Cleansing Conditioner?

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a product that is worth trying if you want an easier hair care routine with incredible results. The Cleansing Conditioner has been out for several years now, and the results continue to prove that it is a product you’ll value. Chaz Dean put a great amount of time and research into the development of this product, and to date thousands of satisfied users have found out firsthand why he is one of Hollywood’s most trusted names.

Wen hair care products are available online on eBay, the Guthy-Renker store or QVC,

The Securus Challenge

Based in Austin, Texas, Securus provides civil and criminal technological services and solutions to more than 3,450 agencies that serve 1,200,000 inmates and their families. Services include emergency response, incident management, investigation, monitoring, communication among others, all of which work to ensure the safety of inmates, families, and facility personnel.

Its main competitor is Global Tel Link (GTL) which made claims of its own superior service. Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies has drawn a line in the sand and issued a challenge to GTL, to have an independent judge decide which company provides the best service.

Over the past four years, Securus put over $700 million back into the company, acquired new companies, developed new products and technologies which puts it ahead of competing companies. It has a Customer Service Center manned by Securus employees trained to provide the best customer care possible. Tests indicate that Securus customer care rates at a 600% greater performance level than GRL. Securus employees its own staff of infield technicians to handle any problem that may arise, a staff that has a vested interest in taking care of the problem.

Smith issued the challenge. It is now up to GTL to take the challenge.

EOS Becomes a Fixture In the Lip Balm Industry

Lip balms have been on the grocery lists of families and individuals for decades. It’s pretty common to go to a supermarket or drugstore and pick up a bottle of Chapstick. The lip balms almost seemed like medicine, especially since the active ingredient was listed on the package. To make the lip balm seem less medicinal, customers could opt for flavored Chapstick in mint or cherry.

Chapstick continued to be one of the leaders in lip balm until about seven years ago, which cylinder-shaped balms from EOS (Evolution of Smooth) were introduced to the public. EOS made its debut at Walgreens, and superstores Target and Walmart started featuring EOS after seeing the demand for the product. Popular beauty and style publications like Cosmo and Allure also featured EOS in the magazines, and were obsessed with lip balm flavors from the line like grapefruit and honeydew. EOS lip balm has also become more well-known because celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyus have been seen using lip balm from the brand.

Until now, EOS ( founders have been quiet about their success tactics. During an interview with Fast Company, they revealed how they created such as a lucrative company (EOS is currently worth about $250 million). Kline, a research and consulting firm, states that EOS is now the second best-selling brand of lip balm in the United States, after Burt’s Bees. Kline also asserts that EOS has significantly promoted the growth of the oral care industry. Evolution of Smooth sells about 1 million units on a weekly basis, and brand’s future looks pretty promising as well. Globally, the lip care industry is set to increase by $2 billion by the year 2020, especially since people are started to demand organic products, which EOS specializes in.


15 elements for the right pick for event planners in New York

Event planning is no easy job. It takes more than creativity to get it right from beginning to post events planning. There’s a tremendous amount of services on how a company plans and develops an outstanding event to remember. When the event does take place on that given day, is it what was expected? Was it all the hype that it was suppose to be? Did it portray what the invitation set out to be, formal or informal? In fact, when you hired your last event planner, were your guests satisfied? There’s companies in New York City and the surrounding area that will suggest that their company is what it’s set out to be. Although, there’s some criteria that needs to be looked at when screening a possible event planner. The role of a successful event planner doesn’t stop after the event either. There’s much to learn when it comes to the right event planner for your next huge (or quaint) event in New York. Whether you’re having a trendy, en vogue event or a small plain meeting with a bunch of salespeople in the room, how far do you want to go with your next event planner?


Keep in mind; event planners worldwide

One event planner in mind is New York based company Twenty Three Layers who is as professional as can be when it comes to the proper etiquette. Top of the notch event planners in NYC which has a client list that is one to brag about. Their team does some extraordinary events plus they manage to do this with such ease and professionalism. With Twenty Three Layers, which are raved regularly, it’s more than creativity. It’s only one of their major strengths in all the work they seek to accomplish from beginning to end. Some of the expert services they have are lighting, venue selection, catering, entertainment, photography, production, branding, floral design, fabrication, styling, custom printing, and holding workshops.


It would be an understatement to suggest that the company has a custom printing department. But, how would you have an event planning company without one. Event planning companies in NYC such as Twenty Three Layers can do wonders for you. With event planners such as Twenty Three Layers in New York City, keeping up with the trends is extremely important. As is picking an event planner is as important to a team or individual needing such services.


Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NY which have been in the industry for years now. They know what it’s like to plan the superb event. Especially if the even is in the New York City area. With an event planner such as Twenty Three Layers, some of their professional services are in various departments such as the music, the design, and the photography. Although, most of all their planning, from beginning of the event to the end come with a vast amount of experience. Celebrating New York’s finest is what it’s all about. They are hired for events around the country, not only in NYC, but worldwide. To contact them exclusively, you can call one of their representatives by phone: 646.837.5902 or email: plus, you can visit them at: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014.


Screening your next event planner will be part of the process; here’s 15 ways for the right pick when selecting your next event planner in New York.


  1. Event objective.

Hiring an outside event planner (or caterer) can begin with the budget naturally; but what really is at stake is determine the objective of the event. Defining the main goal of the event is the first thing that should be looked at. Therefore, reaching out to those external and internal resources is a must, but it’s not as important as defining your objective to the event. The classic 5 “W’s” and the magical “H” apply: who, what, where, when, and why, plus How is the event going to be a success?


  1. Reason for hiring an event planner

After defining the objectives of the event, ideas of the theme and message of the entire event will form into other ideas that must be conveyed within the event itself. What activities, services or element are going to be needed on your external resources behalf? Is this going to help your venue? Are they going to be able to handle the menus, recommendations, invitations, creating the communicating ties between such materials being made and those resources needed to make them? These are the questions that need answering when you hire your event planner.


  1. Budget estimation

There’s going to be a budget based on what you plan on having as far as the event goes. The more external sources, the more it’s going to cost, plus for the various elements of your event, you’ll need to check it twice before getting into the hosting of the event; such as what will be included. Don’t be one of those hosts that desire a champagne event on a beer budget; unless of course you have the beer there at the event.


  1. Source a qualified event planner

Don’t go by word of mouth for an anniversary party, a breakfast business meeting, or a weekend retreat. It’s not effective according to the pros. Researching the event planner or someone to plan your awesome event, should be taken very seriously. Word of mouth isn’t the way to do it because of the planning of a successful event takes experience, time and most of all creativity. They must hold a well rounded reputation with some strengths that can uphold to the event itself. Especially one with experience and past performance amongst the community of event planners in the area.


  1. Source event planners; professional affiliations

With expertise comes a professional team that knows the ins and outs of s social or private event. With this, they should have professional affiliations tied into their business. The same goes for an event planner with special themes. Some places to look at are chapters of professional membership clubs or groups. For instance, there’s national and local chapters that are known in the whelm of affiliations such as the Meeting Professionals International, the International Special Events Society, the National Association of Catering Executives, the Association of Wedding Professionals, etc.


  1. Source event planners; local chambers of commerce and hotels

Want to know who has the best reputation for the right services in planning within a special theme or market. The particular market is what you are trying to deliver to. Those needing a professional event planner within a certain industry can look into local convention and visitors markets. They’ll be active members if they maintain a good relationship with the local chamber of commerce. Hotel and convention sales departments are key to this sharing of the minds, while you can also trust them as well.


  1. Interview three qualified planners

One thing to do is interview those that are good prospects. This should be trickled down to at least three of the prospects. It’s hiring someone for your event that you searching for so without an interview with the appropriate reps is like going in blindfolded. Plus, they should want to meet you because they do want to know more about your event in the first place, wouldn’t you think? You can ask them question on how they plan to devise the event beforehand as well. Listen to what they have to say. You are hiring them as an employee.


  1. Details provided for your hire

A great planner will want to know what your objectives and timeline are; this includes the budget, the guests and the attendees with certain personal preferences.

Also, there’s some good planners that normally ask questions and not just answer your questions. This is part of the organization and the learning process as well for a particular event; whether it’s a corporate event or not, it should all tied into the theme and purpose of the event planning.


  1. Meet your planners in person if possible

When narrowing down your search to the last of the last; you should meet the planners in person. This gives you the chance to see how their personal relationship skills are and the chance to ask questions and vice versa. Passion and professionalism go hand in hand when it comes to meeting these people.


  1. Check references on your event and catering planners

references are the utmost importance to any hire. Especially when it comes to event planners. You want to know who they know, how successful were they when they did their last event planning and some of the clients’ names they have worked with. This is part of the most favorable in terms of who’s who in the party planning scope of work. Read more about their business, reviews, go on their websites, check out any references they may have.


  1. Narrow event and meeting planners to one and listen to their ideas

When you want to narrow down the search, go to the main planners that you have in mind. It should all be based on your goals and ideas…With that said, a good event planner will give you more than what you need as far as listening to your ideas for the event. There should be plenty of ideas already in motion, in fact, you should have a list of them before you narrow your search.


  1. Event planners; present their total budget

Disclosing the costs of their services should be transparent. So, with this in mind, event planners should give your a figure for their services, their costs and potential sources of how their fees will be covered. This should be part of the plan when you ask them to disclose their terms and ALL fees up front before beginning any decision. For example, do they charge by the hour, or is it one fixed rate? Will there be any commissions from the big event or not?


  1. Negotiate terms; review the fine print

Don’t be surprised if you are asked for some deposits for some of the vendors or suppliers that will be part of the event. This is a business, so you should expect it. When an event planner has venues/services being offered, there will be deposits. One for example that always has one is the place of the event. Never sign a contract which hasn’t been reviewed with a fine tooth comb by a legal counsel or lawyer.

If you’re having to deal with private organizations, individuals, or companies, it’s best to get legal advice through some of the legal channels you may have; same is true for big companies that you may have to deal with as well.


  1. Work closely; for your event, meeting…interviews

When it comes to third parties in an event that is being planned by a professional planner, you should require professional coordination when it comes to the logistics of it all. Don’t give to much trust into it; checking in with certain suppliers such as when it comes to receipts is a must. Delivering the proper supplies, and venues is a must when it comes to the agreement all around with the event planner you hire.


  1. Be ready to fire, rehire the event planner

You’ll have a successful event if you’re able to hire, rehire, and even fire an event planner. There’s no holding back when it comes to your reputation either. So, if you feel that your not getting anywhere within 4 months from the event, depending on the event, you should be ready to fire, and then rehire an event planner all together within days of each other. It’s good to keep the list of the narrowing of the search of the event planners you started with. If you’re not getting what you planned on at first, it’s time to change planners.


Finally, with event planners like Twenty Three Layers, going into the official websites should say a lot for the professional; One important thing is to make sure they are reachable via phone, fax, or via email.

Find them in NYC: